WISSOTA Member Tracks

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More Than 50 Tracks Across 6 States & 2 Provinces

The area known as WISSOTA Country stretches from western Montana to the Great Lakes. There are WISSOTA member tracks in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Manitoba and Ontario. To be a member, a track must sanction a minimum of one WISSOTA class on a weekly basis throughout its racing season; most WISSOTA member tracks sanction two or more classes. In WISSOTA, all member promoters have a voice and a vote. All decisions on rules and policies are made at the organization's annual meeting, which is held each November. 

The following pages list all member tracks, state by state, and give detailed information on all of them: 

Wisconsin Tracks

Minnesota Tracks

North Dakota Tracks

South Dakota Tracks

Montana Tracks

Wyoming Tracks

Manitoba Tracks

Ontario Tracks

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