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A Subscription In The Mail

We have two subscription options. Option one is for all race fans, families, crew members etc that want to get ATD in the mail year round. It’s just $37.50 for 18 print issues mailed to you. Option two is for drivers only and we call it the “Three Pack.” This limited subscription includes three print issues in the mail each year for $6.00: our Season Preview in March, our Builders & Buyers Guide in November and our Champions issue in December. Licensed drivers, WISSOTA purchases this subscription for you.

In Print On Purpose

There’s nothing like a newspaper. It’s real. It’s authentic. You put your hands on it. Your ad is in print. It’s right there, on the page! Turn the page and turn back, and it’s still there!!

We publish 18 print issues per year - every other week during the racing season, and monthly during the offseason. Use the Subscribe button above to get ATD year round.

WISSOTA drivers receive a Three Pack subscription along with their WISSOTA licensing. With the Three Pack subscription, you will receive the three issues shown below.

Why Subscribe Instead Of Picking It Up At The Track?

Serving Subscribers In Print Since 1994

Season Preview


In March each year, we publish our Season Preview Issue, which includes full racing schedules for every WISSOTA race track.

Builders & Buyers Guide


Our biggest issue every year is the Builders and Buyers Guide. Racers depend on it for their offseason purchasing decisions. You MUST advertise in this one!

Champions Issue


Our annual Champions issue is a look back at the best racers of the year. National champions are celebrated not only at the national banquet, but in ATD as well.